Feb 26, 2008

Facial paralysis

Last Saturday, when I visited my parent's home, I found that there was a bad condition in my father's face. He could not move the right side of his face. I doubted that he had a stroke. So, I,immediately, took him to a hospital with my mother to see a doctor.

Finally, he was diagnosed as having "facial paralysis". The doctor said that its cause was by an infection of virus a viral infection. My father had to remain at the hospital for a treatment that injects a medicine containing "steroid"to his body. He would go will check out of the hospital next Saturday.

My father is ,now, 77 year old. I felt that I became older as my father became older.

P.S. My father checked out the hospital on February 29. His condition looks better than first, but the paralysis has remained in his face. I hope that he will recover his health little by little.


Unknown said...

That's pretty bad news. She lives with him every day. Did your mother notice your father's face was paralized?

Per our usual,
1.) "an infection of virus" -> "a viral infection"
2.) "He would go out of the hospital" -> "He will check out of the hospital"

ジョン said...

Wow, I hope that your father makes a speedy recovery.

bikenglish said...
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bikenglish said...

To Ian san,

Thank you for your advice.
Of cource, my mother tried to get him to see a doctor. But he rejected it because of his stubborn attiude. A Japanese old man is often "ganko(頑固)". He had been in good health until now, so he had a tendency not to go to a hospital.

To Jonathan san,

Thank you for your warmful comment.