Jan 2, 2008


As you might have known, there is a custom that people send new year cards(年賀状) between acquaintances in Japan. This picture is what I sent to my friends.
In this time, I show four cards that was sent to me on January first.
Most people use a mouse character because this year's Eto is a mouse. The last year's was a wild boar, the next year's is a cow(cattle). The mouse year will come 12 years later again.

The January first(元旦(gan-tan)) is the most important holiday for Japanese people. People visit their families and spend time together, like Thanks Giving day or Christmas in the USA.

This year, we including my wife and children went to my parent's house and spent time with them and my brother's family on January first. And yesterday, we spent time with my wife's family member. My parents and my wife's parents live in neighbourhood.


Krimson said...

Cool cards!=) I heard Japanese like to send holiday cards to everyone they know even if they don't know them well=) so they have to send a lot of cards=) you card is cool=) I liked the way you wrote "あけましておめでとうございます"=) And it's bike helmet, isn't it?
As for cards you received, are they handmade or were bought in shop? And that text on the right side of the first card... I know it's such style of japanese writing, isn't it? I can't understand anything, maybe only few characters=)) Can you write it?

ジョン said...

Great job on your card. I think that it looks quite nice. I just sent a digital card to many of my acquaintances. I thought about sending a few actual cards but I just couldn't get around to doing it.

By the way, Krimson, that text is あけましておめでとうございます (akemashite omedetou gozaimasu), and it means just what you think it does.


Anonymous said...



bikenglish said...

To Johathan san,

Thank you for your comment.I am glad to hear praise from you.

To Krimson san,

Thank you. I will explain about "Nenga-jyou" on my blog in the close future.