Dec 8, 2007

Obama girl

I have learned that "Obama girl" has been very popular in the USA by today's newspaper. This is interesting thing, I think. I tried to find "Hillary boy" or "Clinton boy" on the Internet, but I could not.

P.S. I can find the song's lyrics, here, thanks to Marian-san.

P.S. Thanks to joshf-san, I could learn about this song by "Hillary girl". I think it is very catchy and like it than Obama girl's. But I have not been satisfied with it yet because its singer is a girl, not a boy.


ジョン said...

Okay, that was pretty fairly amusing. I wonder if this video was created (even indirectly) by Obama's campaign. It's kind of catchy, I have to admit.

bikenglish said...

If I have better listening ability in English, I could enjoy this song's lylics.....

marian said...

Hi Jonathan,

you can find the lyrics to this song here:

Anonymous said...


Found a YouTube link to that here:

I never heard of any of these until now, I found Hott4Hill referenced in a Wikipedia article about Obama Girl.

Ron Paul, a Republican candidate, is popular on the internet, not on a music video or anything like those two, he means business (is serious). He even keeps a blog.

Anonymous said...