Dec 18, 2007

a good cource for bike-ride

Last Sunday, I found a good cource for bike-ride in my neighborhood. Its length is about 10km along sea coast, and it is a special road for bike or running, so it is very safe. I wonder why I had not found this good road by now.
At the end of the road, I saw a little bit funny scene. Do you think what they are doing? They are not penguins, surfers. We can find them on the day when big waves happen.


Anonymous said...

Picturesque road ^_^b

Anonymous said...

Beautiful landscape... that would be nice riding a bike there!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it seems to be really wonderful riding there. The colours of the sea on winter times are nice blue-grey.
Beautiful photos!

bikenglish said...

Thank you for your comment. I am very glad that you have praised my photo.

ジョン said...

Wow. I wish that I could find a nice course back home in Houston. I know that there are some somewhere there, so I'll have to look once I get back.

Yeah, those photos really make me want to ride that track too!