May 16, 2015

feed a bird

On May 9, I went to fishing to the river mouth of Onga-gawa. I would give two fishes that I caught to a big heron. But the second one was stolen by a kite before the heron. It is just a Japanese saying "Tonbi ni Abura-age wo Sarawareru"(トンビに油揚げをさらわれる).


Unknown said...

What is the real meaning of this sentence.

bikenglish said...

On a website dictionary, it is translated into "to have something(nice) snatched away from under one's nose [from before one's very eyes]". And another one is (directly translated) "to have one's fried tofu snatched by a black kite".

In my translation, something that someone is just going to use (or eat) is suddenly robbed by another person (or creature) that he (or she) has not imagined its existence.

ジョン said...

It looks like an observant kite. Yup, it snatched the fish from right under the heron's nose!