May 17, 2015

a little bit busy "Golden Week"

This "Golden Week", especially from May 2 to 6, was a little bit easy for me.

On May 3rd, I took part in a cycle event named "Tour de Kunisaki"(ツールド国東) in Oita prefecture. I participated in the event in 2012, but I could not do in 2013 and 2014 because of some reasons.

The event was held in very bad condition, so heavy rain. It took about five and a half hours  (including about one hour rest) for me to finish 75km course. It was very hard but finally I could reach the goal. After the event, I stayed at an accommodation named "Kunugi-ya"(檪舎) where I have stayed several times in the past. It is a B & B style accommodation run by a retired couple.

On May 5th, I rode bike with a Thailand woman and my English teacher (from Fuji) around Mizmaki, Ashiya, Okagaki area. She visited Japan as a member of a tour from Thailand. The tour members came back home but she stayed in Japan alone since April 30.

The weather was very fine and I was glad to show them the good bike road along the Hibikinada(響灘). And she was impressed by the beauty of the flower of "Nan-jya-Mon-jya no ki"(なんじゃもんじゃの樹) in Okanominato shrine(岡湊神社) in Ashiya town(芦屋町). After that I invited her to my home's small dinner.

On our first plan, I would take her to the Kokura-jo castle(小倉城) in Kitakyushu area on May 6. But she had problem in her legs so she gave up the visit to Kokura, and I took her to her accommodation, "Khaosan Fukuoka Annex" in Fukuoka city by my car.

She gave me  a lot of souvenirs from Thailand including a Thai Silk's scarf to my wife, several cushion covers and many Thailand snacks. I am looking forward to seeing her again in Thailand.


Unknown said...

It was last November that my university friend announced a trip to see Wisteria flowers in Fukuoka,I decided to join and told her I will stay another one week after they go back for my cycling trip.Then I started to search for Fukuoka bike club and found a group of people. I sent an email to Mr.Shinji Abe then he replied.
I did not know that he had this blog but he was very smart to find me in FB.So it was easier that both of us getting to know each other's some activities.I purpose was someone told me a bike route but it happened that Mr. Abe replied was arrange a bike route and he and his friend will be with me on that day.
I never know about Japanese's golden week so I did't know that it was the day with family or friends,but it was great time for me to see real life especially the 5 of May was Children's day.So surprised how lucky I was cycling on a very good weather Sunny day but not hot,for me from warm country it was a little bit cool and not tired cycling except when we had to cycle up to the high bridge or up and down route by the sea.
Met Japanese cyclist and his friend was one of the best time in my life especially I went there alone with my folding bike.Without his good plan and accompanied me,I would be a mute and know nothing about all surroundings like Osprey's daily life and the wonderful White flowers tree in the Shrine,Who will know this if not local people?.
Our route may not long but it was a pleasure trip,stop chit chat when I was tired,yes stopped quite often cos I will be 70 years old this June.

Dinner with Mr.Abe family with home made food made me know the Japanese's healthy food the first time.
I never thought that old cyclist at beginner stage from Bangkok,Thailand and professional Japanese cyclist will have such a wonderful time at the first meeting.If possible I will not waiting him In Bangkok but Kitakyushu bike route is still in my mind,wait for me.


ジョン said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Congratulations of finishing the event.