Aug 5, 2014

"Hakata NIngyou" with "Cats face"

Last Saturday, I watched a musical called "Cats" at "Hakata Canal City" in Fukuoka city with my wife and daughter. I was impressed by actor's good dance but I could not understand its story completely. (Some say it has no story.)

After the program, I found these dolls at the hall. They are "Hakata Ningyo" that is a traditional doll in the are and they have "Cats" makeup, as you see.


ジョン said...
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ジョン said...

I've never seen "Cats," but I'm familiar with the soundtrack and I'm quite fond of it too.

Judging by the soundtrack, I suppose the story is just the decision of which cat will ascend to the "heaviside layer" (a weird way of saying "heaven" that I kind of like because you can write it very literally as 天側層).

I won't reveal any spoilers (ネタバレ), though. :-)

bikenglish said...


Thank you for a comment. I made a little bit progress in my understanding on "Cats" after I read some information on "Cats" on the Internet.