Apr 30, 2014


On the morning of April 18, I suffered an injury on my right hand's third finger when I rode a bike on my way to office. The cause was the loss of balance by slipping foot on the pedal and hitting my right handle on a guardrail. It included a deep cut and a fracture on the edge of the finger.

I must stay a hospital from April 18 to 21 because the doctor did an operation that fixed the broken part by burying a thin metal. Staying at a hospital and an operation on my body both were the first experience to me.

Of course, these are no good things, but when these happen I always remind a famous, and my favorite saying "Jinkan- Banji-Saiou-ga-Uma"(人間万事塞翁が馬) that comes from an ancient China' story. It means that "a worse thing might happen after a bad thing and also an opposite thing might happen, no one predicts the future correctly".


Unknown said...

Oh no! I hope you get better soon. My daughter also broke her leg last week... hopefully May will bring lots of good things, rather than bad.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Bikenglish
( I am sorry I didn't find your real name inther blog ).

First of all , let me tell you that I hope you will get better very soon after the surgery. It must be quite an annoyance for you who seem to be a very active person.
Therefore my best wishes for your improving health.

I live in Mexico City and I am planning a bike trip in Japan in the next months.
I think I would like to do the route that goes from Fukuoka to Tokyo with detours into Kyushu and Shikoku.
I am not really sure when to leave because I wonder what the weather will be.

When I look into the official Japan Tourism web page , they mention that the best time of the year for cycling is in april and may . They say that in june it does rain and afterwards the weather is hot and humid. And then it is typhoon time ...
This leaves me a little confused.

I was wondering if you could help me out with this.

Traveling in the area I mentioned, how would you describe the weather from june to october ?

I hope I am not disturbing you asking such a question . But you live there and therefore you a have a direct experience.

Thank you for any kind of help you can give me .

I wish you all the best once again

Juan Velazquez


bikenglish said...


Thank you for a kind comment. This time, I gave up the participation to the Tour de Kunisaki. I would like to take part in the event next year.


Thank you for a comment. I wrote an e-mail to you just now,