Jan 5, 2014

”Eien no 0(zero)”

I saw a movie called "Eien no 0"(永遠の0(ゼロ)) on January 2 at a nearby movie theater. The story is about "Zero-sen"(Mitsubishi A6m Zero)(ゼロ戦) and a pilot who died in a suicide-attack that is called "Tokkou"(特攻) during the World War 2.

I have already read its original book written by "Naoki Hyakuta"(百田尚樹) and had been interested in how the movement of the "Zero-sen" is expressed in the movie.

 I wanted to know about how the "Zero-sen" did well in a battle. Because some people say it is one of the best fighters at that time(the beginning of WW2), and some say it is not.

Unfortunately, I could not find the answer in the movie because it does not tell good enough about it. I thought that the movie is not very good, but pretty good.


ジョン said...

I hadn't heard of the Tokkou before. I hope you'll find an opportunity to learn more about them.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for a comment.

Recent days, I have become interested in events that had happened in 1940. And I have felt the threat from China has grown in recent days.