Apr 7, 2013


Last Saturday, I stayed at an accommodation in Hitoyoshi Onsen (人吉温泉) that locates in the southern part of Kumamoto prefecture with my wife and daughter. This time, my son was not with us because he went to Kansai area (関西地方) with his friend. I am a little bit sorry that the chance thta all my family members share the same time decrease.

"Hitoyoshi Onsen" was one of the place that I want to visit sometime. The purpose of this trip was to heal our  bodies by bathing in onsen and take good dishes.

It took over four hours to reach there from my house by using the high way, so I was slightly tired from it.

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ジョン said...

It's too bad that your son couldn't go with you, but I'm sure that it was a refreshing experience nonetheless. I'm looking forward to soaking in a nice, hot onsen before long.