Jan 4, 2013

Burma admits air strikes targeted Kachin rebels(20130104)

The Burmese government has confirmed that it carried out air strikes this week against rebels in northern Burma. The government officials told VOA on Wednesday that "training jets" were used against ethnic rebels in Kachin state. He says the air strikes were meant to answer attacks by the Kachin independence organisation. Some government officials have early denied carrying out an air offensive in rebel-held territory. But officials later said the army have used air strikes to help recapture a base during an increase in fighting that began last week. Each side has blamed the other for increased violence. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced in northern Burma since June of 2011.That was when the fighting between the army and Kachin rebels began, ending a 17-year ceasefire.     

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My thought/opinion on this issue
I have paid attention to the development of the country after military rule had ended. But I have first learned that the country has this kind of problem. Ethnic problem is often uncovered after rule by  strong power has ended, I think. 

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