Jan 15, 2013

"Michi no Eki"


We often see a place called "Michi no Eki"(道の駅).along major roads in local area. In my direct translation, it is "a station on road". It gives a place for drivers to stop and have a short rest. It often has attracting places like souvenir shop, farmer's market and "Onsen"(温泉).

Last Sunday, I visited a "Michi no Eki" called "おおとう桜街道" in Ootou Machi with my wife and daughter. It took about 50 minutes by car from my house. Our main purpose was to use its "Onsen".

We were surprised to see its big colored lights. But we could not understand that one of them shapes a form of Mt. Fuji.

The "Michi no Eki" is famous for having a very luxurious rest room that costs one hundred million yen. Unfortunately, I could not use it because its closed time.

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ジョン said...

Wow, I really wish there was something like that here. I'm dying to get into a nice onsen. I'm glad that you were able have a good time with your daughter, though.

(Sorry, I've been pretty busy recently.)