Mar 21, 2012

VOA Special English News 97

The United States Defense Department says the American soldier who reportedly shot and killed 16 Afghanistan civilians Sunday has been flown out of the country. Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain John Kirby did not say where the soldier was taken. But he did say the soldier was moved for his safety and to make it easier for investigators to question him. Earlier American Defense Secretary Leon Panneta said the recent violence in Afghanistan will not keep the United States for meeting its responsibility. The Defense Department said Mr. Panneta told local Afghan leaders that such incidents do not represent the Afghan people, Afghan security forces or coalition forces. President Obama says the United States is making real progress in Afghanistan. President spoke at joint news conference with British Prime Minster David Cameron at the White house. Mr. Obama said the tragic events of recent days in Afghanistan show that work there remains difficult. But he said American and NATO forces have made gains against al-Quaida and Taliban. President repeated his desire for the United States to give Afghan forces full responsibility for their country's security in 2014.


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