Jun 2, 2011

Carmen, Toreador song

My son is playing a tuba in his school's wind orchestra. This is his solo performance at his club's solo concert held on May 3. You can find a crash of a chair falling on the floor during the music. It is not an accident, he kicked a chair as a part of his performance to appeal to the audience.


Unknown said...

Wow - your son is great! I think it is a great idea to kick over the chair. I hope that when my children get to high school they will be involved in something like this.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for posting a comment. I am glad to see your comment after a little bit long period.

I think that it is very good for high school students to joint wind orchestra club. I really recommend your children to do something like this.

ジョン said...

The chair-kicking was inspired. Great job.