Feb 11, 2011

VOA Special English News 4

Taiwan has arrested an army general on charges of spying for China. Defense ministry officials say Major General Lo Hsien-che was arrested on January 25. He led the army's tele-communication's department. Officials say that he was reportedly hired by China when he was working in Thailand in 2004. The defense officials say he had limited contact with secret documents since he has returned to Taiwan in 2005. Some Taiwanese legislators want defense minister to resign because of the general's arrest. They say General Lo has brought shame to military.

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台湾で、陸軍の幹部が中国のスパイ容疑で逮捕された。台湾の国防省によると、1月25日に逮捕された羅賢哲少将は、情報システム部門の責任者で、2005年タイに勤務していたときに中国から買収されたのことである。(I could not translate the underlined part into Japanese well. I might have not transcribed it correctly.)  数人の議員は、羅少将は陸軍の恥だと言って、彼の逮捕を受けて、国防大臣は辞めるべきだと言っている。


ジョン said...

また安定した英文を書きましたね。 Overall, it looks absolutely fine. Just a couple of things:

Officials say t he was
Officials say that he was


The part that you underlined looks fine, except that I think it would sound better without the "has."

I'll try to translate the underlined part. It will not be done very well, though!


〈汗〉 I hope that makes some sense.

Great job, as always!

bikenglish said...


Thank you very much. Your advice can help me understand this sentence. But, I could not confirm that it has "has" because I had already deleted the recorded program from my computer.