Feb 1, 2011

VOA Special English News 2

An employee of the American diplomatic office in Lahore, Pakistan appereared in court Thursday on murder charges. The appearance came the day after the man, an American, shot and killed two Pakistanis. He claims the killings were in self-defense. The judge ordered him held in jail for six days while the police continued the investigation. Police said the American was stopped at a traffic light when two men on a motorcycle shot at his vehicle. Officials said he fired a gun at the attackers and reported the incident to an American security team. The two men later died in a hospital. Pakistani's officials say the third Pakistani was killed when he was hit by the American diplomatic vehicle that had gone to the aid of the American employee. The incident has worsened the feelings against Americans in Pakistan. Friday, "the Nation" newspaper published a story that read "American Rambo Goes Beserk in Lahore".


I think the original news is here.


ジョン said...

Another fantastic job! The only things I see are minor.

"Judge ordered him held" -->
"The judge ordered him held" or
"A judge ordered him held."

"Official said" --> "Officials said"

"Pakistani's official say" -->
"Pakistani's officials say" or
"Pakistani's official says."

"has worsened the feeling against against American in Pakistan" -->
has worsened the feelings against Americans in Pakistan."

I think those are the only places that really need any corrections. Very solid work.

The Japanese text looks correct to me as well. 日本語訳は僕に非常にいい勉強になりました。ありがとうございます。

bikenglish said...


Thank you very much, I will try to post another news in near future.