Oct 9, 2010

"Home Bakery"

I don't know that the word "Home Bakery" is used in the United States .And also I don't know that this kind of product is common there. But, it has been generally used among Japanese, and I have used it for our breakfast every day since I bought it through Amazon several days ago.

To make a bread by using it, we use wheat flour(250g), sugar(large spoon 2),salt(small spoon 1).skim milk(large spoon 1), butter(10g) ,180ml water and dry yeast. Its total cost is about 120yen, I think.

We can buy a same amount of bread named "食パン"(sliced bread) at a lower price than 120yen at a supermarket. So, we can not save money with this convenient machine.


ジョン said...

I'm not familiar with the term "home bakery," but then, I'm not really very good in the kitchen either.

That's a pretty neat machine, but I suppose it's too bad that it won't save any money. Well, oftentimes, home-cooked food tastes better than store-bought food, right?

Cheryl said...

It's called a "bread machine" in the States.

bikenglish said...


Yes, the bread just from the oven is very good.


Thank you for a good information. Always, I welcome your comment.

As you might know, T-fal, the France-based maker products this kind of machine. Its name is "home and baguette".