Mar 28, 2008


Last weekend, I and my elder brother took our parents to one night trip to celebrate their fifth fiftieth anniversary of marriage(金婚式(きんこんしき)). We should celebrate it with our full family including my wife and children, my brother's wife and children. But it costs a lot of money, so we decided to travel with only our original family.

It was the first time to travel with our original family in more than thirty years.

The first day, we arrived in the Unzen National park that is the first national park in Japan and stayed at a traditional Japanese hotel (旅館). The next day, it was terribly bad climate, and we had a short stop at Shimabara. In this season, it is not suitable for a sightseeing, but I thought that we could do a little bit "Oya-koukou(親孝行)".

I took several photos in this trip. You can enjoy several scene of sightseeing place in Japan.



Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Did you mean fiftieth rather than fifth?


ジョン said...

Thanks for posting the photos! It seems that you had an interesting time.

Anonymous said...

All the pictures are very interesting! It seems to be a wonderful place (incredible landscape).
Congratulations to your family for the happy event!

bikenglish said...

Onoffoff san

Thank you for pointing out my mistake. I had another trip with my family and will place these photos on the web.

Jonathan san

I visited the city of Shimabara for the first time. The time that we stayed there was very short time, so we could not see sightseeing place enough. So, in the future, I would like to go there again.

farooksh san

Thank you for your warmful word. Japan has seven percent of volcanos in the world. We can see where hot water or steam come from ground when we go to onsen-area.