Apr 11, 2015


I have just finished a book called "Sanpou-Shoujyo"(算法少女). "Sanpou" means mathematics and "Syoujyo" means a girl. This is an interesting story, I think. There is a same name's book that was written in Edo era. But, no one knows the name of its author. This story is a fiction that is about a girl who writes "Sanpou-Shoujyo".

In Edo era, the unique mathematics(和算) that is developed in Japan was popular among ordinary people. They enjoyed it as a kind of hobby.

The book includes people's custom in those days and tells atmosphere of people's life.

The main target reader is younger adult, but many people can enjoy it. I recommend you to read it.


ジョン said...

It sounds like a pretty interesting book. I'd like to check it out sometime. Thanks for the recommendation. (I didn't know about Japanese-style mathematics!)

bikenglish said...


I really recommend you to read it because its easy Japanese.

And I recommend you to use a library to save money.

Unknown said...

Sorry no chance cos it is in Japanese language,if there is one in English especial period book like Edo or Meji time, I would like to read one cos I seen many movies about these historical period.