Dec 27, 2012

China on alert after Japan scramble jets over E.China Sea

China says it is being watchful after Japan sent fighter jets over the East China Sea. Japanese media report Japan ordered the flights near China after discovering a Chinese observer plane in air space near the disputed islands in the East China Sea. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman told reporters Tuesday China will pay close attention to Japan's decision. Hua Chunying say the observer plane was on normal operation.

original news日本語のニュース

中国は日本が東シナ海に戦闘機を送ったため、警戒していると発表した。日本の報道機関は日本が東シナ海の領有問題となっている島近くの空域で中国の監視飛行機を発見した後、戦闘機を送ったとレポートしている。中国外務省の女性報道官はレポーターに中国は日本の決定を注視していると言った。華 春瑩(ファ・チュンイン)は監視飛行機は定例のパトロール中だったと言った。

My thought/opinion on this issue
I have come across an interesting web-page that is written in Japanese. It is the web-site of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan. The Japanese sentence looks a little bit unnatural because I think it is translated from Chinese. 


ジョン said...

Hua Chunying say the observer plane was on normal operation.
--> Hua Chunying said the observer plane was on a normal operation.

Great job. I hope this eventually gets settled without war or bloodshed.

bikenglish said...
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bikenglish said...

Thank you for posting a comment.

I also hope that Japan get along with China under both new administrations.
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Karen Wiggins said...

Appreciatte your blog post