Sep 25, 2010

How to use Kindle

In this point, there have not been any Japanese books sold by Amazon for Kindle yet. So, we have to create Japanese texts that is available on Kindle. Now, I am developing several ways for it. I introduce two useful ways that cost no money.

The first way is by using the websites, Aozora-bunko(青空文庫) and Aozora-kindoru(青空キンドル). At Aozora-bunko, you can get Japanese texts that is out of copyright with free. And you can convert a text into a PDF file that is written in vertical direction by using Aozora-kindle. I have downloaded some books into my Kindle. They includes Terada Torahiko's(寺田寅彦) essays and Kikuchi Kan's(菊池寛) novels.

The second is for my business. I often see some documents about my work. They includes laws and rules in particular fields. I can see these documents on my Kindle by sending text files or PDF files to my own kindle's e-mail address.

Kindle is a interesting device, but my hope is to be able to read newly published Japanese books by it.


ジョン said...

Thanks for the information. At some point, I'm definitely going to pick up an e-reader from somewhere.

Does the conversion from PDF to Kindle format work well? There's no odd formatting or anything?

bikenglish said...


Thank you for a comment.
Kindle does not require any conversion when you read PDF file on Kidle because Kndle can show "just" it. PDF file has done well since I got it. (But, unfortunately, now it has been mainly used for my son to read Manga "One peace"!!)